Want to learn how you can turn your unused metal products into instant cash? Here are the common questions we get:

We Accept:

  • Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Brass
  • Compressors
  • Copper
  • Computers
  • Iron
  • Motors
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wheels

& so much more, ask us today!

We DON’T Accept:

  • Hazardous / Toxic / Radioactive Materials
  • Closed Containers (Drums, Pails, Paint Cans, Tanks)
  • Explosive Materials
  • Items containing Asbestos, Mercury, or Cyanide
  • Small Capacitors, Fluorescent Light Ballasts, PCBs
  • Sealed Compressors
  • Used Oil Filters / Engine Components Containing Oil
  • Computer Monitors, Televisions, Microwave Ovens, Printers
  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Items containing Trash, Dirt, Plastic, Mud, or Wood
  • Steel Wire / Fencing
  • Furniture (Sofas, Mattresses, Box Springs, Office Chairs)

We update our price frequently, so feel free to call ahead before coming in.

As mentioned, we guarantee you won’t find a better price anywhere else.

Prepared material refers to heavy iron that has been cut down to pieces 3 feet or less.

Unprepared material refers to heavy iron that is still in long or unusually sized pieces.

A Texas Cash Card is a form of secondary identification used primarily at scrap metal recycling yards. We issue you a Texas Cash Card upon your first visit that you will receive in the mail shortly after. From then on we require that you bring your Cash Card with you every time you visit us in order to receive cash for your materials.